my random night thoughts.

I love weird things about people. How they laugh, how they talk, how they get angry and annoyed, the way they light up when they talk about things they love, how they radiate their positive energy, their odd ticks, just the simple things that make them unique.

And I love deep, interesting, weird conversations. Those conversations. I love it. Sharing thoughts and ideas, about random things that only several people can deeply embody. I love it when I already feel like you’re expanding my mind. Exploring my brain. Touching my spirit. Awakening my soul. Capture my attention. 

I also love to imagine the fact that two or more people can share the same mindset. The same ideas and perspective of life. The same intention and imagination. Perhaps different act, but same mindset. It’s like, whatever our souls are made of, theirs and mine are the same.

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