Refleksi 25 Februari

19 has become my favorite number since all I can remember. I like the number, 19. Since then, 19 has become something that most people call “lucky number” for me. Not because there’s any evidence that shows how 19 got me any luck, but it’s just, I like 19.
And today, I am 19 years old.

19 years old I have lived in this world, without my notice, next year I will start my 20s.

Time goes by so fast. People come and go and change. Memories come and go, replacing one another. The older the age, the simpler the celebration gets. But the older the age, deeper the thoughts that pops into my head.

So many things that I want to do, so many things that I want to achieve, I haven’t achieved, I long for, I need, I miss, all and all they make me more human.
My life is not perfect. But when I look back, I can clearly see how much Jesus loves me and how much He has blessed me with so many ways that sometimes I can’t even understand or I don’t expect. I know You have the best plan for me. I believe You already save the best in store for me. I believe You are strong enough, in my weakness, God be lifted up.

When I look back, life has treated me kindly, God has been so kind to me. He must loves me very much.

Thus, I thank you.

I thank you, my Father.

I thank you for Your love, for my parents, for my brother, for my grandparents, for my family, for my bestfriends, for my friends, for person that I haven’t met yet, for Your plan that I perhaps haven’t seen yet.

I thank you for everything.

I thank you.


“Kaulah ya Tuhan, surya hidupku

Asal Kau ada yang lain tak perlu

Siang dan malam, Engkau ku kenang

Di hadiratMu jiwaku tenang.”





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