Nowhere but Here

Last night I had a dream. On that dream, I was in a bus, sitting by the window. I think I was asleep. Suddenly, a light that is so bright from the sun woke me up and I was in a state of confusion. The color was so different. And by color, I mean the whole color of that moment. Everything around me looks different and vivid. I could see the colors of the air, the colors of people’s breath, the colors of their secrets and emotions. The moment looks brown and everything was sepia. There was no color such as pink, blue, green, red or purple. It was brown, with all its shades.

I was pretty sure I was in a dream. I was conscious but I didn’t wish to wake up. I sat alone and I looked upon the bus, there were only 5 people there; the bus driver, and old lady knitted a scarf, a drunk grumpy man on the backseat, a little boy with a brown hair, and me. I didn’t know where we going, perhaps the other people don’t know where they going either. I just let the bus take me. I was lost in the moment, because for a second, I felt a very light tenderness born inside me, something very light and small, telling me that I don’t have to run anymore, I don’t need to rush, because life is not going anywhere, and from now on I may become a being that is free from the ephemeral confusion of the world. I am no longer what I used to be. I am no longer my previous life.


“Why are you running? What’s the rush? Life is not going anywhere. You will always find life greeting you at the end of every escape. It is no use. There are no other places but here.”

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