when the world is quite

Lord, the days are hard and the world is quite.

I don’t always understand Your plans for me. Sometimes I doubt it. Sometimes I almost feel like giving up, because it’s hard, it’s tough, and I feel like I can’t do it anymore. It is out of my strength, out of my capability. But even on my darkest days, even when I don’t seem to know Your plan for me, You never left. I hope I will be stronger enough to let Your plans be done to me in my life.

Please give me the hope and strength that I need to continue my life according to Your plans for me. Please give me the hope and strength that I need to keep living, loving and never gives up even when the world is dark and quiet, even when people that I love turn their backs on me and disappoint me,  even when I feel like I don’t have any worth anymore, even when I’m wrong, even when everything is wrong, even when, even when.

Though times when I almost lose my sanity. Times when I just want to leave and never comes back. Times when I don’t know anything anymore. Times in life.

Even when the world is quiet, I hear Your voice. It’s calling me to write this. It’s calling me even when I don’t hear it.

Please always speak to me, Lord.

I am nothing without You.

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