night prayer

the thing that keeps me wonder
always leaving traces of itself
along the road where it bleeds
among the trees where it lives

only time knows the secret
about you and the unspoken of everything
in the dark, to the night
between you and the moon, the angels sing for you

hear the voices of the holy
out of this realm
those voices enter your being like a prayer
singing you the footsteps of the gods

all those lives and all those loss
the longing for the things that end
even when they haven’t started yet
for the chances that missed
even when you haven’t hit it yet
for the love that must remain in the shadow
even when tomorrow we may be dead

for only time will hold our secrets
about the unspoken and the unspeakable things

i may not belong with the angels and the gods
but you are

i hope you will always find your way.

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