The People

These people live in Takor.

They are not the only one who live there, and these pictures may still not represent Takor’s life yet.

However, I will soon capture more pictures to show you how beautiful it is, to have such a life in a such a living place, with good and humanly friends.


June 2017 period:

Ka Upi
Luthi Amri.
Teli, the birthday girl.
This is when Teli was amazingly surprised by our surprise for her birthday. True happiness.
Teli, the birthday girl.
Yasqi and Dennis.
The Guys.



May 2017 period:

Eren, the supreme boy.
Me eating a chicken.
Ka Amar, PJ & Allya.



The pictures made different effects. I’m guessing this caused by the lighting, places, the film washing and the film scanning.

Fujifilm Xpose, Agfa Vista 200.

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